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Interested in working abroad, but not sure how to find international jobs or programs? Look no further! ORM Jobs Abroad Wing can help connect you



We examine our client’s profile such as their qualifications, education and interests, considering what’s best for them.



Deciding to study abroad is a major decision requiring financial investment. It is often not easy for international students to procure information



Students from all over the world apply to universities for admissions. They belong to different educational backgrounds and different grading systems.


Opportunity knocks!

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Oasis Celebrates 15 Years of Excellent Service!

Experience the world with us!

Redefining the prospect to immigrate, Oasis Resource Management has been in the field from the year 2000. Being a leading agency for the past 15 years, we make your immigration to a foreign land as smoothly as possible. We help in making it 'your home'!! It is a company providing a professional yet personal service of helping our clientele applying for the best country for their growth and success. Keeping in mind the individual qualifications, education, interests and needs, we help our clients in relocation to countries like Canada, Australia, Denmark, UK and USA or any of their choice.

We view immigration as being hugely positive for skilled workers and use our professional experience to make a path for them. We accept instructions only from clients about whom we are confident we can obtain the type of entry being sought.
We believe in expertise at work and so have different departments for client relations, documentation and legal assistance to make sure each of you are treated as an individual and with due amount of respect and confidentiality. Our consultants leave no stone unturned in our quest to ensure our clients achieve the immigration outcome they are entitled to.
Oasis takes pride in our ability to establish with our clients, long term relationship built on trust, mutual respect and our outstanding service.

If you are ready to proceed with an application to obtain a visa then we can help you. Our Application Package provides full assistance with all aspects of your case. We will assist you in completing the relevant application form, assess your supporting documents and provide you with our opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We will also draft a covering letter to the relevant authorities in support of your application.

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